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Hello there and welcome to Uinta Counseling. This private practice located in Evanston, Wyoming was started to allow people to have a choice in their mental health provider in this rural area. Resources are limited in Evanston and Uinta Counseling can offer a unique experience to those seeking counseling in a quiet, calm, welcoming environment. We pride ourselves on truly listening to our clients and providing them with services that sincerely meet their goals and expectations. From the waiting room to your clinician’s office, every detail has been carefully thought about and planned out to provide you with the utmost comfort during a difficult time. If you are unable to attend counseling in person, or want the convenience of counseling from home, we are able to offer telehealth at no addtional cost.

Change is your friend, not your foe; change is a brilliant opportunity to grow" - Simon T Bailey

Our counselors are skilled in the areas of treating trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, and overall unhappiness with life. If you are ready to take the next step, please feel free to make an appointment. If you aren’t quite sure yet, please take a look around the website, and let us know if we can be of any help to you on your journey. Thank you!

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Meet Michelle Robertson

Michelle Robertson has been a professionally licensed counselor for over 7 years. She started her own private practice to improve her ability to help a variety of clients achieve their goals while maintaining the highest standard of privacy and confidentiality. She has worked in a variety of mental health settings and she has found many clients appreciate the quieter environment a private practice can offer. She is proud to offer counseling services to target past trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, relationship difficulties, weight loss, and a variety of other problem areas.

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